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Female Sexual Dysfunction – Symptoms

November 10, 2020


With respect to female sexual dysfunction. Some of the symptoms that can occur are a decreased desire, decreased libido, or decreased wanting to have sex. There can also be a problem getting aroused or reduced sensation in the vulva or vaginal area. There can be an inability to reach orgasm or a bit of a frustration around taking so long to reach orgasm. And sometimes there can be sexual pain. So these are some of the most common symptoms related to female sexual dysfunction. Some of the reasons that you may want to see your doctor right away would be if there’s an acute onset or a very recent onset of new and quite severe sexual pain. So if there’s sexual pain that’s been gradual or been coming on for a while, or is very mild, then you need to see your doctor, but maybe not urgently, but if you’ve had an acute onset of sexual pain and it seems like you’re not sure where it came from and it’s been quite sudden and, or quite severe, that would be a really good reason to see your doctor right away. Another good reason to see your doctor urgently would be if you had vaginal bleeding related to sexual intercourse, there are many possible things that can contribute to vaginal bleeding or bleeding around the genital urinary area. But if it’s related to sex, you’re not sure where the bleeding is coming from. You don’t think it’s your menstrual period. Then you absolutely need to see your doctor or go to the hospital right away to see if that needs to be urgently treated and absolutely needs to be urgently evaluated.

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