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Food and Sleep

December 24, 2020


Another thing people ask about is food. Can food affect sleep? Well, definitely if you’re hungry, it’s going to be harder to fall asleep. If you’re over full and your digestive system is working really hard to digest, that’s going to be uncomfortable too. For those of us who have reflux, you certainly want to keep four hours between the last meal and bedtime and lying flat. So food can make a difference. Also, the foods we eat may make a difference. A big carbohydrate load (like a big plate of pasta) as a snack late at night will precipitate a rise in insulin and blood sugar and things will come crashing back down and we’ll feel pretty wiped out. Not the best way to fall asleep, but certainly may have an effect on our falling asleep. Spicy foods can precipitate reflux in those people who are prone and they tend to be stimulating, so probably not the best thing before bed.

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