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Gastritis – Types Of Gastritis

February 6, 2022


In reference to H. Pylori induced gastritis is that for the most part, this is a benign condition. It can be treated with antibiotics and antacids and totally eradicated. If left untreated patients who have chronic gastritis due to h pylori, these folks may develop ulcers that cut a sore in the lining of the stomach and in those individuals, and we’ll say a little bit more about that. You have to treat them a certain way. The last category of patients, and we’re talking about a very, very small number of patients with H. Pylori related gastritis may actually develop a form of cancer of the stomach. In fact, there’s two major types. One is a type called malt lymphoma involving the stomach where the stomach lining becomes hypertrophied or swollen. However, this type of a malt lymphoma of the stomach can be cured in many instances with antibiotics and those potent antacids that we talked about. There’s another category of patients, and again, this is a minority of patients, may develop a different type of cancer of the stomach called the Adenocarcinoma of the stomach. And so even though the great majority of patients who have H. Pylori related chronic gastritis, benign condition, easily treated in a very, very small number of cases, patients may develop a form of lymphoma or cancer of the stomach. And so therefore, it’s very important to try to make diagnoses and treat and manage patients with chronic H. Pylori induced gastritis appropriately.

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