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Gastroenteritis – Diagnosis

October 20, 2021


Generally, you know when you have gastroenteritis, because it’s how you feel. But in certain cases, sometimes you do need to go see a doctor for that, especially to get that diagnosed. Because essentially if your symptoms have come on suddenly and they last less than two weeks, you don’t necessarily have to get that officially diagnosed. Although there are things your doctor can do to help you. If you are extremely ill, you’re seeing blood in your stool or your symptoms last longer than two weeks, you definitely should go see a doctor and try to figure out why that’s happening. Because there are a variety of conditions that we start to become concerned about. Your doctor does also have, as I said before, a lot of tools that can help you feel better. So sometimes it’s worth seeing a doctor, even if you don’t need them to tell you what you have.

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