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GERD – Cost

November 30, 2020


Now certain costs. Obviously, I’m sure everybody is concerned about costs. And fortunately a number of the very potent antacid medicines we refer to them as PPOs, Proton pump inhibitors, you can think of them as smart bombs. They really hit the acid producing sites in the stomach. They’re very effective at markedly reducing acid. And a number of these agents have become available over the counter. And so you don’t need a prescription. You can purchase these still, I would use them under the advice of your physician. Those types of things are relatively inexpensive. Now, if you want a good source for bargains so to speak, and you try to work with your insurance company, a good site is GoodRx. If you go to GoodRx, you can see the types of pharmacies in your community, in your zip code area, and you can see relative prices for a particular medication. In this case, an antacid medication, get a coupon and along with your insurance, you may experience some significant savings and we recommend this to all of our patients. There are also some formularies. One comes to mind, Walmarts, and there are others which offer inexpensive generics. Walmart has a $4 generic. If your physician prescribes a generic form of this antacid medicine, you may be able to get a month supply for $4. It’s a great bargain.

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