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GERD – Initial Exam Expectations

November 30, 2020


So, you’ve answered the questions and it seems that yes, gastroesophageal reflux disease is a distinct consideration in your case. So what about it? Well, let’s assume that you’re less than 40 years of age, this has been going on for a relatively short period of time. All things being equal, you have no warning signs. Those things about severe weight loss, difficulty swallowing, etc. Physician will probably give you a trial of an antacid medication and ask you to take it and see how you do for about two weeks. Now, if you still have problems and you’ve avoided the medications, the food substances, you know you’ve quit smoking and you still have symptoms, then it may be a consideration that you go for an upper endoscopy. Now an upper endoscopy, actually the formal term is, it’s kind of fancy esophagogastroduodenoscopy. And basically what happens when you arrive at the Gi facility, they’ll explain to you in great detail what you can expect. The night before you would have had only clear liquids and then once you go to sleep don’t consume anything else. If you have certain types of medications, let’s say for high blood pressure, you may take that several hours before your scheduled exam with a very small amount of water, and when you arrive, you should notify the nurses and physicians that this is what you’ve done. And this would have been on the direction of your physician.

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