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Glaucoma – Treatment and Procedure

January 31, 2022


Treatments for Glaucoma involve trying to lower the eye pressure to a more safe level for that individual. Typical ways of lowering the eye pressure are eye drops that either speed the flow out of the eye of fluid or decrease the production of fluid so that the eye pressure takes on a lower point. There are also laser treatments that can be performed in order to improve the outflow of fluid from the eye. This procedure is called an SLT laser treatment, and it’s done as an outpatient and it doesn’t hurt. There’s no real recovery process and it has about an 80% chance of lowering the pressure in an individual case. In order for a patient to really know whether or not they have glaucoma and if they have glaucoma, how well it’s being controlled is to make sure to have scheduled visits with your ophthalmologist.

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