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H. Pylori – Associated Conditions

February 6, 2022


One of the questions that frequently we’re asked as gastroenterologists, we have a patient comes into the office and they’re complaining of Halitosis or bad breath. They may feel bloated and they may have some gastric upset. This may or may not be related to H. pylori. It may be related to perhaps their diet. They may consume a lot of, let’s say certain types of vegetables or beans that tend to produce gaseousness. Perhaps the person’s have some issues with their teeth or oral hygiene and perhaps just good flossing brushing and maybe an occasional gargling or chewing sugarless gum could help. It may also be a side effect of some medications that they have to take that may cause dryness and that can have some effects on the bacteria counts in the mouth and the upper digestive tract. So there can be other reasons for that. May or may not be related to H. Pylori, but if it becomes problematic, then obviously I think it’s a good idea for the patients to raise these types of questions with their physicians as oppose to, you know, pursuing, you know, certain home remedies, which may or may not help them.

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