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Healthy Eating – How to Eat Healthy

December 31, 2021


Healthy nutrition starts with a healthy mindset. Once you confirm that eating healthy is important to you, all will fall into place. Now in the real world, that’s easier said than done, and I acknowledge that. First, prioritize plant-based foods. The majority of what you put in your body should consist of vegetables, fruits, beans, and nuts. Incorporating these foods at every meal and snack will set up a solid foundation to build on. Cooking at home will help you diversify your nutrition. Instead of takeout, cook one or two meals a week, beginning with your healthy eating journey, depending on what your schedule allows. There’s several meal delivery kits that can give you a boost if you’re just starting out or would like to add variety to your current weekly menu. If your pantry contains healthy options, especially when you’re on the go, you’re more likely to make those healthier choices. Cut out or limit any sodas, energy drinks, or sweetened coffees as much as possible. Remember, progress, not perfection, is key.

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