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Cancer – Healthy Eating on a Budget

December 30, 2021


With the physical and mental demands of cancer treatment, healthy eating is a must to ensure the greatest chance of success. If budget’s a concern, there’s some tips that you can follow to minimize any challenges. For instance, choosing water, tea, or coffee over more expensive options, such as a fruit punch or soda, can be beneficial both in health and staying within budget limits.

Eating more meals with no meat and instead choosing beans or other plant proteins is another way to be cost efficient. Instead of snack or candy bars, purchase fruit such as bananas, apples, oranges. Using a shopping list and sticking to it can lower the chances of buying an item that you don’t necessarily need.

Using coupons or participating in free grocery store pickup programs can also minimize impulse purchases and exposure. Once the food is purchased and cooked, you can turn any leftovers into soup, which you can then stretch out over several days. Remember, each patient will have different challenges. So any problems come up, talk to your doctor or your dietician who specializes in nutritional care if needed.

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