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Heart Attack – Gene

January 21, 2021


The heart attack gene is present in 10% of heart attacks. So having a heart attack gene is not good for you, but just because you don’t have it doesn’t mean you’re not going to have a heart attack because 90% of people that have heart attacks, don’t have the heart attack gene. So our understanding of genetics is evolving. And over time we’re going to find more and more genes that help us understand processes better. But for now it’s important for us to acknowledge our genetics, but more important for us to adjust the things that we can modify. And when you can actually modify genes and treat them, you obviously that’s something to discuss at that time. But for now most genes that we have are not modifiable, and our lifestyle is modifiable or habits are modifiable. So it’s really important for patients to just work on the things that they can modify and leave the others to their doctors.

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