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Heart Attack: Why do we recommend 911 for a heart attack

March 3, 2022


Sometimes you might think, “By the time 911 gets here, I could have already gotten myself to the hospital.” The reason 911 is called and the reason we tell you to call 911 is because a lot of things can happen very quickly in somebody who might be having a heart attack. A sudden arrhythmia, passing out, that’s not good at any time but it’s definitely not good when you’re driving. And let’s say that you say, “Well, I’m not the one driving. I have my spouse drive me.” Your spouse can’t do CPR while driving. Your spouse doesn’t have aspirin, oxygen, other medications. They definitely don’t have a defibrillator to shock you if you have a cardiac arrest. So this is why it’s paramount that if you think you’re having a heart attack or a stroke that you don’t drive yourself or have somebody drive you there, that you call 911 so that they can come and take you there emergently.

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