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Heart Disease – Antioxidant Fad

January 21, 2021


If you look at the fad every year, there’s a vegetable that’s the vegetable of the year. Like this year, it’s kale, next year it’s quinoa. The year after, you know, every year we find something that we’re kind of married to, and we say, this is the food of the year in terms of its antioxidant properties. But if you look at them, whether it’s spinach or kale or quinoa, or, you know, whatever food you can think of, you’re going to get antioxidants from it. So I don’t think you necessarily have to pick one green leafy vegetable over another because of protection for oxidative damage. I feel like you’re going to get that whether you have spinach or kale or, you know, bok choy or whatever it is.

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