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Heart Disease – Drug Coated Stents

January 21, 2021


And so in the early 2000s, we started using drug-coated stents. And what do the drug coatings do? They basically have a stent that has a layer of medication that keeps that layer of re endothelialization or that new lining to just a one layer instead of multiple layers of scar formation. So reducing that recurrence. So we went from 30 to 60% re narrowing to 5% or less three narrowing. And that’s why the drug eluting stents are being favored, but even with the original drug eluting stents, they were bulky. They were hard to deliver. And they had other complications such as clotting. Now we have newer technologies of stents that have the drug coating, that have less metal, a smaller profile, easier delivered, flexible, and properties that make it easier to deliver and deploy, and also give us long-term benefit and don’t necessarily require commitment to long-term indefinite blood thinners to keep them from clotting.

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