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Heart Disease: Effects of Sugar

August 6, 2020


In America when we get advice on health, we’re often told to either eat less sugar or less fat. And the marketing world is constantly giving us fat free sugar and sugar free fat, but both are bad for you. And sugar is bad in the sense that sugar, when we take excessively, can lead to increased storage of fats. But obviously over time as we gain weight, we become insulin resistant and we don’t metabolize the sugar very well. And then we keep storing it as fat in our body. And that leads to the metabolic syndrome or syndrome X or the syndrome that increases cardiovascular risk over time. So this is why it’s really important to limit sugars and carbohydrates in general, and patients that have a healthy lifestyle where they walk 30 minutes, minimum five days a week, and control their intake of carbohydrates and sugars, tend to have a longterm healthier life than those that don’t do such.

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