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Heart Murmurs – Overview

January 31, 2021


When your doctor says you have a heart murmur, don’t panic. All that means is when he was examining you, he heard a sound. Not all murmurs are dangerous or bad. So I want to spend some time with you talking about heart murmurs. A heart murmur just means there’s blood flow that’s audible with a stethoscope during a physical examination. When a heart murmur is detected, your cardiologist will do some specific maneuvers to see if you can get the murmur to be louder or softer with different positions and maneuvers. That will tell the cardiologist how specific and significant that heart murmur is. After the physical exam is completed, the cardiologist may opt to do an electrocardiogram and an echocardiogram to better assess the murmur and its significance on a clinical standpoint.

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