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Hemangioma – Recommendations

February 11, 2022


In general, I think when looking at hemangiomas and vascular birthmarks, the classic teachings that we have from medical school (and again this is not that long ago) is not completely incorrect, but is not completely accurate. If you want the best for your child and you are concerned at all about their outcome for whatever reason – it could be appearance, it could be the way they interact with other kids, it could be their breathing. For any of these reasons, you need to go seek a vascular birthmark specialist. If you can’t find one in your area, you can always search on Google. You look specifically for vascular birthmark specialists and you can send photos and ask questions to those people. There are a lot of patients who come in from out of the country in the same exact way. They can’t find a birthmark specialist around them, so they send a message to one of us and if I can’t take care of it, I sent it to my friend who’s closer to them. If they can’t take care of it, they send it to the Vascular Birthmark Institute over in New York and there’s also the Vascular Birthmark Foundation.

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