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Hemorrhage – Overview

January 27, 2021


Hemorrhage, also called bleeding, is the escape of blood from the body. Bleeding can be very subtle, like after a little cut, or perfuse after a big injury, like a car accident. Bleeding can happen anywhere in or on the body. Again, hemorrhage can happen anywhere in your body. However, based on location, it can be more or less obvious. If less obvious it might take longer to diagnose the bleeding. Less obvious bleeding can also cause injury in addition to the bleeding itself, as it takes longer to diagnose. For example, pleading in your brain might not be immediately obvious. However, since your skull surrounds the brain, blood has nowhere to go and will push on your brain and cause a potential life threatening injury. Hemorrhage can be internal or external. An example for internal bleeding can be bleeding in the abdomen due to a ruptured appendix or a bleed inside your leg after a leg injury. External bleeding is usually seen after skin cuts or a scrape, but can also appear after a larger injury to the arm or the leg and can involve ruptured blood vessels.

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