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Hemorrhage – Types

January 27, 2021


There are many different types of hemorrhage or bleeding, which are usually named after the body parts where the bleeding occurs. These can include the following: [?] hemorrhage is bleeding behind the eye due to a ruptured blood vessel. Hemorrhagic stroke is defined as bleeding into the brain due to a ruptured major blood vessel. Subarachnoid hemorrhage is bleeding in between the protective layers of the brain. Also due to ruptured blood vessel, usually after head trauma, but can also occur spontaneously. Brain hemorrhage is defined in general as bleeding into the brain. Subchorionic bleeding is being between the uterus and the gestational membranes surrounding the fetus. Postpartum hemorrhage is defined as bleeding that occurs after delivery of the baby. Maternal hemorrhage is a broad term for bleeding that occurs during pregnancy, but it’s usually seen during or after delivery of the baby. Any type of bleeding can range from minor, moderate to severe bleeding and needs to be attended to by a healthcare professional in order to diagnose and treat the bleeding and its underlying causes.

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