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Hepatitis C – Medications and Vaccine

October 30, 2020


The medications for Hepatitis C treatment may interact with some of the medications you are already taking. The most common classes of medications are antiacids, cholesterol medications, anti-seizure medications, and some heart medications. Be sure to talk to your doctor about some of these potential interactions. Unlike hepatitis A and hepatitis B, which are also viruses that can infect the liver, there’s no vaccine available to prevent someone from getting hepatitis C infection. That being said, if you have hepatitis C, you should make sure that you have immunity against hepatitis A and B, as concurrent infection with hepatitis C with either hepatitis A or B can cause rapid and significant liver inflammation and damage. Your doctor will likely order blood work to see if you have immunity against hepatitis a and B, if not, it is highly recommended that you get vaccinated for both.

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