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Hernia – Hernia Institute Of Beverly Hills

February 25, 2022


At the Hernia Institute of Beverly Hills, we focus on performing the latest techniques in hernia repair by utilizing robotic and laparoscopic technology. At the Hernia Institute of Beverly Hills, one of the main advantages we have over other centers is that we actually have our own da Vinci robot. The da Vinci robot is the universal platform that is used around the country and around the world for robotic surgery. Traditionally, this robot can only be found in large hospitals as the equipment itself is quite expensive. At the time that our center purchased this robot, we were only the second outpatient surgery center in the entire country to have their own da Vinci robot. What that did is it allowed us to move many of the operations that would require you to go to the hospital to have done and allow you to have those done in an outpatient setting where you can come in, have surgery in a nice, clean, uncrowded environment, and then go home after surgery rather than having to stay in the hospital.

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