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HIV – Living WIth AIDS

December 9, 2020


You have been diagnosed with AIDS (the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), which is kind of the end product of years of not addressing or not knowing that you have HIV infection. But all of this is not a death sentence. All we need to do now is to focus on starting you on the appropriate medications. It will be as simple as one pill, once a day. Your CD4 cell numbers will come back up, approaching normal. Your viral load of that virus in your bloodstream will go to undetectable. You just need to remain on this drug and not miss a dose and slowly, as we get better (because you have lost so much of your immunity) we’re going to take two steps forward and then it’ll always be one back or three forward, two back. This will go on for months but by the end of the year, you’re going to be absolutely amazed. You will have gained weight. You will probably be back at work and from there on out for the rest of your life, you’re just going to maintain your life by taking a pill once a day.

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