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Hypertension – Measuring Blood Pressure



Blood pressure has traditionally been measured in the doctor’s office with a stethoscope just like this, and a blood pressure cuff. Most recently, blood pressure is being measured in many other places, including school, work, and general screening exams in your community. Most commonly, blood pressure is measured in the doctor’s office with a blood pressure cuff that goes over your arm. Blood pressure can be reliably measured over time. It may change from day to day or from different times of the day, but generally, it becomes very consistent over time, even if it changes by a few measurement points with each reading. Sometimes blood pressure at home can be elevated, particularly if the patient takes the blood pressure immediately without waiting for at least 5 to 10 minutes of being seated prior to checking blood pressure. If there are major differences in blood pressure readings between the office and at home, the doctor will sometimes order what’s called an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, where the blood pressure can be checked throughout the day. This is not necessarily available in most countries.

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