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Hypertension – The “Silent Killer”



If you’ve ever heard the phrase “silent killer,” most likely it’s referring to high blood pressure. Just like the phrase suggests, high blood pressure can be deadly and you can start to feel the effects of it, but sometimes only when it’s too late. Most often, high blood pressure can cause damage to your organs and other parts of your body without you ever even knowing. Thus, it can be silent for a long period of time before causing any symptoms. For this reason, it’s important for you to have your blood pressure checked with a healthcare professional, usually at your doctor’s office, the pharmacy, or a health screening site, including your school or your employee health office. With the rise of overweight and obesity worldwide, high blood pressure is impacting more and more younger populations, including children. Many children and young adults are unaware of their high blood pressure because the symptoms can be silent and they may not get their blood pressure checked regularly. This silent killer aspect of high blood pressure has led to it becoming a major cause of premature preventable death worldwide.

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