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Hypertension – Treatment Goals



The main goal is to get your blood pressure at below 120 over 80, or as close to possible to the normal range considering other health factors. With a balanced diet, exercise, and, if needed, drug therapy, you can manage your blood pressure and avoid any complications from high blood pressure. Having your high blood pressure does not necessarily affect your normal life. You can go to work, go to school and get on with your normal daily activities despite high blood pressure. One of the most critical aspects of blood pressure management is monitoring your blood pressure at home or at your doctor’s office. You should have your blood pressure tested every two to six months. If you actually are on drug therapy and had it recently changed, you should follow up with your doctor to make sure that your blood pressure is stabilized and is under control. If need be, your doctor can adjust your treatment and you can provide updates regarding any side effects or lifestyle questions you may have.

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