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Incontinence – Treatment

February 7, 2021


Incontinence treatment depends on the type of incontinence. Stress urinary incontinence is mainly an anatomic issue, so that strengthening the pelvic floor or procedures to reinforce the pelvic floor are the main treatments. There is no FDA approved medication for stress urinary incontinence. The types of procedures that can be performed for urinary incontinence include in-office bulking agents, similar to fillers. And there are also outpatient urethral slings that can be done with mesh or a patient’s own tissue. Urge urinary incontinence is usually treated with incontinence medication, also referred to as overactive bladder medications. Alternative treatments include injection of Botox into the muscle layer of the bladder and treatments that fall into the term neuromodulation. One of these treatments is similar to acupuncture while another is commonly referred to as a bladder pacemaker. Incontinence products include pads and diapers, which can be costly and associated with skin rash and breakdown. Incontinence underwear are reusable undergarments that are similar to underwear. Other incontinence products that are meant to support the urethra are similar to tampons. And there are also incontinence pessaries.

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