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Infantile Dyschezia – Causes

October 28, 2021


What happens with infantile dyschezia is, like I said, is that passing stool requires coordination of two different systems. Your stomach muscles have to tighten, but your butt muscles have to relax. And while some babies are born knowing how to do this, the vast majority of us are not born thinking that that’s a thing that makes sense. And accordingly, we squeeze one set and not release the other, or we release one set and don’t squeeze the other. And that leads to a lot of difficulty around pooping. But this isn’t constipation. They’re not actually unable to poop, the poop is not coming out hard. It’s not coming out concerning in that way. All it is is a difficulty actually figuring out the act of pooping, but this will make a baby cry, become red faced and seem like they’re constipated. And it makes you want to help. But ultimately, the more you try to help, and people try different things like using digital stimulation or using a thermometer, the more this actually slows down their ability to learn how to do it.

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