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Ingrown Toenail – Treatments

November 10, 2020


If you suspect you have ingrown toenail and want to attend to treatment at home, you may try warm water, foot soaks with Epsom salt and gentle massage of the area. Please refrain from trying to tramp the ingrown toenail border out on your own. Once evaluated in the office, the best course of treatment will be discussed with you. Occasionally, a procedure called a partial nail avulsion will be performed. During this procedure local anesthesia is administered and a small portion of the ingrown toenail border is removed to alleviate pressure. If you are a chronic suffer of ingrown toenails, we will discuss with you the option of performing a chemical matrixectomy at the same time. This procedure involves removing the ingrown portion of the toe. Now with the addition of a chemical, generally phenol, to prevent the growth of that border of the nail from occurring in the future. Occasionally is an adjunct to treatment of ingrown toenails.

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