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Lifestyle Changes – Diet

February 6, 2021


Heart health begins with lifestyle changes. And one of the most important aspects of our lifestyle is our diet and what you eat really make some big difference in what happens. And I think of plaque buildup as oxidative damage. So a diet rich in oxidative ingredients, such as iron red meats, et cetera, cholesterol, all of these lead to long-term progression of atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries or plaque buildup. The best way to prevent that is to have a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, and I recommend 30 minutes minimum, five days a week minimum of walking, which I think to be the best exercise, accompanied by a healthy life and a healthy diet, such that the patient limits intake of cholesterol and fats and molecules that increase oxidative damage, meaning red meats that have a lot of iron. Iron is an important chemical in the process of oxidation. So that’s why we recommend patients avoid intake of red meats to a great deal. Additionally, red meats have other components such as cholesterol, the kind of fats that lead to progression of hardening of the arteries. So a healthy lifestyle with a healthy exercise is the best way to delay the onset of heart disease and prevent heart disease in general.

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