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Llewellyn Hyacinthe – Video Business Card



Hello. My name is Llewellyn Mark Hyacinthe. I’m a physician. My specialty is urology. I work at University Hospital of Brooklyn, Downstate Medical Center. I’m a native New Yorker. I did my undergraduate work at Yale University. I attended University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and I did my training in urology at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. I’ve been affiliated with Downstate for over 20 years. What drew me to this area was, I had a passion for trying to deliver top-notch specialty care in urology to traditionally underserved and traditionally under-resourced areas. Most of the folks I take care of it could easily be my mother, could be my father, could be my brother, could be my sister. So I find that very rewarding. And that’s what drew me here. And that’s why I’ve been here for over 20 years. Later on in my career, I decided to pursue a master’s in Business Administration so that I can take a more holistic view on how healthcare is delivered in this community and nationally.

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