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Low Testosterone – Lifestyle Changes

December 1, 2021


There’s five ways in which you could do this. Number one, sleep. Make sure you’re getting at least seven hours of sleep every night. There’s been numerous studies looking at the impact of sleep on testosterone levels, and when you aren’t getting good sleep, at least seven hours, your testosterone levels will go down. The second one is weight loss. We do know there’s an association between weight and testosterone. Every 10% increase in your weight will lead to an 85 point decrease in your testosterone levels. 15 point decrease in your weight will lead to a 250 point decrease in your testosterone levels. So being mindful of your weight can have an impact on your testosterone levels. The third one is exercise. As I mentioned earlier, compound muscle exercising using the big muscle groups with short rest periods in between the intervals will lead to increased testosterone production. Again, very important not to overtrain or engage in heavy endurance exercises. These can decrease your testosterone levels. The fourth one is lifestyle. This cannot be discounted. So smoking, alcohol consumption, these things not just decrease your testosterone levels, but they can also impact your fertility in a very negative way. Finally, vitamin D levels. That’s the fifth one. So just getting out in the sun. I always tell patients, if you can get 20 minutes of daily sunlight every day, it’s not just good for your testosterone levels. It’s good for your overall mental wellbeing, which could only improve your quality of life.

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