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Low Testosterone – Testosterone Replacement Therapy

February 24, 2021


The primary treatment modality used for low testosterone is testosterone replacement. This can be administered topically through gels or creams, some of which are brand names, some of which are compounded or generic. Can also be administered with injection therapy. Typically intramuscular injection, such as in the gluteal area or the thigh, usually on a weekly basis with a product called testosterone cypionate. Sometimes through a more long acting administration that can be given in weekly or perhaps more like monthly injections. Also pellets can be embedded in the soft tissue around the gluteal space that deliver testosterone, more low-level testosterone delivery over time. So these need to be replaced every several months or so. Finally, there's a non testosterone product called clomiphene citrate, which mimics a hormone in our bodies that stimulates sperm production, and also secondarily stimulates testosterone production. As it stands today, there is one emerging oral form of testosterone, testosterone undecanoate, which is coming through the FDA. And I believe may now be FDA approved. Other than that, no oral remedies are useful for testosterone replacement. And since most of the things we buy in the nutrition stores are over the counter oral remedies, I would steer clear of these. There is no data to support their use.

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