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Lower Back Pain – Effectiveness Of Alternative Therapy

February 3, 2022


It probably isn’t going to be sorted out. It takes modern organized medicine a long time to sort a lot of these things out, and I’ll quote an example. It was thought for a long time and promoted that we should be taking vitamin C for colds. And it took long, long time. Finally, a number of studies, one of which was fascinating, which was came out of New Mexico and it was done on one of the Pueblos where the school children, half were given vitamin C and half were not given vitamin C. It was a very controlled environment and the followup was very close and nobody was really lost, no one moved away and went somewhere else. And what was interesting and came out of that and was the start of the decline of vitamin C is a cold preventative was actually the children who had the vitamin C actually ended up with more colds, although not more on a statistical basis than the kids who were getting a placebo. So that’s the kind of study that’s really needed to look at a lot of these things in the interventions. There’s naturopathic medicine, massage, certainly hypnotherapy, biofeedback. The problem is is that again, it affects us and may help a small number of patients, but trying to define who those are, we don’t have the tools yet, and we’re always looking for that. For instance, just in the last several years, we always thought DNA spread this spread things to people and information. We found out that Mitochondria, which are things inside the cells, which are the powerhouses of cell, well, they have their own DNA. Their own DNA well it came from one of their parents, ooh, maybe that’s the reason some people have this inheritance pattern of particular disease processes and it’s opened up a whole new field of research and smarts and intelligence about disease. So in medicine, hopefully we’ll continue to do research, continue to do population studies, we’ll continue to find out who does best with what kind of intervention for what kind of disease process.

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