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Lower Back Pain – Ergonomics

February 3, 2022


One thing that I haven’t mentioned is that a minority of patients will find help in places such as in they’re characterized as back stores, places where there may be changes in ergonomics. For instance, seats, chairs. Personally, I tried one of the no bad chairs with my knees down. That did terrible things for my 60 year old knees and I’m not sure it made my back feel all that much better. But there are a lot of things that people can do that are relatively simple that may make a change in their back pain, but it’s hard to predict which one is going to be made better, for instance, by losing weight, which one’s going to be made better by going to the mattress store, which one’s going to be made better by going and getting inserts in their shoes. That one’s an interesting one because there was a recent military study that looked at back pain and shoe inserts and the bottom line was is that there was absolutely no difference whether they got shoe inserts or not, whether that can be generalized to the regular population. Hard to say, but also, English from that claimed their shoes, made people’s back pain better, and a nice English study that looked at that and people actually abandoned wearing the shoes for the most part because they weren’t happy with the improved lack of, I should say, the lack of improvement in their back pain.

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