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Lower Back Pain – Insufficient Insurance

February 4, 2022


Then of course we have people who come in who either may not be insured at all or maybe under insured. And one of the things that really isn’t talked about much even with the more recent advances in healthcare insurances is that there are patients who have insurances that won’t cover particular things or that their copays are really insufficient. There’s a lot of sort of national enquirer press paid to people who go to healthcare practitioners and maybe turned away without insurance. I think the reality of that is really that it is quite small. Here where I practice, we don’t turn people away because they don’t have insurance because, and we work with them in order to take care of them in spite of whatever it is. And also if their insurance, but it can be frustrating if their insurances will cover A but not B or their copay, you know, you need an MRI but your copays 500 and you’re making 10K a year, that’s a big chunk to have to pay. But we try to figure out ways that we can take care of people, but not have bad things happen to them financially.

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