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Lower Back Pain – Problems With Narcotics

February 3, 2022


So what’s the second problem with narcotics? Well, I believe, at least at the time of this filming, the last year we have data is from 2012. And in 2012 there were roughly in round numbers, just about 30,000 overdoses on prescription strength, prescription narcotics, no prescription strength, but first prescription narcotics. So the great American narcotic experiment with pain contracts and things. Has it been the great success that people originally thought it was. Pendulum swinging back the other way. So might there be a patient who it’s reasonable to have on chronic narcotics? You have that patient who has osteoporosis and gee isn’t doing so well as a little bit of settling. It’s really not really treatable any other way. They might need one Vicodin three times a day in order to get by. They’re 85 years old. There’s no surgery to do. That might be a reasonable patient. It’s like a lot of things in medicine, finding the right patient and matching to the right treatment and not adding to the problem.

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