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Lumbar Stenosis – Overview

December 9, 2020


This is lumbar stenosis. Lumbar stenosis is the principal cause of people who will have long-term back pain with pain that goes down one or both legs. And sometimes people will say, well why doesn’t it go down both when it’s tight on both sides and it’s probably a function of that just might be just a little bit more open on one side. But lumbar stenosis is not a glorious disease. When you go to bowling or you sit around and you’re having a good beer with your buds, it’s just not cool to say I have lumbar stenosis. But it’s okay to say, you know, I just had my knee scoped, or hey, take a look at this. This is my new total hip. Lumbar stenosis is this sort of vague thing and stenosis was coined in the 1950s by of all things a Dutch spine surgeon and he chose that term and it stuck. In medicine, when we’re talking about a stenosis, we’re talking about a narrowing and generally a narrowing through which something flows. And the reason that Verbiest chose that term was that spinal fluid in his mind was flowing through spinal fluids around the nerves and the spinal column. And so he chose that term and it stuck, but it’s not the best. It’s a narrowing and the bone grows and the ligament that’s on the inside of the bone, so it’s like having, a pair of shoes that, gee, you know, I wear size nines, it’s like me buying a size eight. And then on top of it, putting on my thickest, wool boot socks. My feet don’t like that. And your nerves won’t like it when the bone gets thick and the ligaments around them get thick on the inside too.

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