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Lumbar Stenosis – Treatment

February 4, 2022


So spinal stenosis and its treatment. The first treatment is simply anti-inflammatories and a fair number of people will actually get better with anti-inflammatories. Again, it’s Ibuprofen, two or three, maybe three or four times a day. Again, remembering if you have kidney disease or you’re over 70, probably better talk with your doc before you’re going to go on that much. Two Aleves, two naproxen sodiums twice a day, maybe one twice a day. Again, since it’s an anti-inflammatory it has effects on kidney and liver. I want to make sure that if you’re certainly have any medical things going on, you want to be talking with your doctor, your primary care. Generally a trial of a couple, three weeks to a couple, three months. I like to tell my patients that I don’t want them to be on the medicines chronically. Certainly if someone is on those medicines chronically, they need to have their kidney and liver tests done so that those are evaluated on an ongoing basis so that things aren’t creeping up. The biggest risk was so called nonsteroidals, which is what these drugs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. N-S-A-I-D-S. Is what we call them. NSAIDs. That is that they can result in things that happened to kidneys happen to liver, but the biggest risk group, again, the elderly, and as I recently found out, some researchers think the elderly is 60 plus. That’s important to me because I just turned 60.

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