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Lump in the Throat or Globus – Overview

January 24, 2021


One of my specialties is chronic lump in the throat sensation, also known as Globus. People often complain of feeling as though something stuck in their throat, mucus is stuck in their throat, and they feel that they can never have this symptom resolved, whether it be by clearing or swallowing. Oftentimes this problem arises after having an upper respiratory infection. My practice is geared towards diagnosing this problem for which people often seek multiple evaluations by different doctors, often try multiple different treatments and even have multiple workups, often failing to arrive at a diagnosis or improve the symptom. If you’re having a chronic feeling of a lump in the throat, we have advanced diagnostic equipment to help diagnose the full range of problems that can cause this, whether it be from nasal problems, such as significant nasal disease, leading to post-nasal drip or reflux disease. And in many cases, sensory changes. We can arrive at a diagnosis, come up with a treatment regimen to best decrease your symptoms and help find resolution for what can often be many months or even years of distressing symptoms.

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