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Lung Cancer – Diagnosis

March 16, 2022


So with lung cancer, you usually get diagnosed one of two ways. You either had a biopsy and it looks like it’s a stage two, stage three, and kind of advanced, or has nodes involved, or you had the diagnosis because it looked so early that the surgery was already done. If the surgery was already done, what you hope for is a low stage, a stage one where the tumor was located in the lung, but no lymph nodes were positive, meaning it didn’t jump on the highway to start spreading. If you do have lymph nodes closest to the tumor, which we call hilar lymph nodes or N1 disease, in that setting, if you’ve already had your surgery, we recommend to get radiation to that area once it’s removed to kill any cells that may be remaining. There may be a place for chemotherapy as well to reduce the chance of that coming back.

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