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Menopause – Diagnosis

November 10, 2020


So there are really no blood tests that are good indicators of perimenopause and menopause. It’s actually a symptom diagnosed condition. Now some doctors or some patients will ask for an estrodiol level, but again, an estrodiol level could be up and down depending on what’s happening with the ovaries, depending on what stage a woman is at. And once a woman is post-menopausal, that estrodiol level, assuming she’s not on any medication, will be in the post-menopausal range. And so the number itself is not actually valuable. It’s just a number from a lab. What is really valuable is how you’re feeling, what symptoms you’re having, how you’re managing those symptoms, how you’re taking care of your overall health, and ultimately talking to your doctor about what you need to feel healthy. What’s bothering you, what questions and concerns you may have and what treatment options may be available for you. And you don’t need blood tests to have that discussion.

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