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Menopause – Heavy Symptoms

November 10, 2020


There are situations when menstrual bleeding can get really heavy, really regular and potentially really frequent around the time of menopause. And in those situations, if bleeding is getting heavy, inconvenient, cumbersome, it’s definitely time to see your doctor because it could indicate not just a hormone imbalance that may be related to menopause. It could indicate other hormone imbalances that need to be investigated. And in some cases it could indicate that there’s a problem in the uterus itself that needs further investigation, but usually menstrual periods will start to become irregular, ultimately lighter and go away. And these other symptoms of perimenopause and menopause will start to become an issue. Now only about 50% of women have menopausal symptoms, other women, their periods just become lighter and go away. And they managed to negotiate all of that timeframe in their forties and fifties without having cumbersome symptoms. So that’s kind of nice for some people.

We know that about 6,000 US women reach menopause per day, and that there’s many, many millions of women over two, about two and a half million women reaching menopause per year in the US. And we also know that women live to approximately 82 years of age at their life expectancy. So if a woman enters menopause in the early fifties and lives to the early eighties, she’s therefore living approximately 30 years or 30 to 40% of her life post-menopausal. So we know that this is a very important time for women, especially around taking control of their health and wellbeing. So women use this time in their life as a wake-up call for greater health, greater vitality and greater wellbeing. And you may be reassured to know that when we survey women, tens of thousands of women, about their attitudes, about menopause, most women have a positive attitude about menopause and a strong majority have actually made positive changes in their life, in the area of work, family partner, sexual relationships, friendships, and self-fulfillment, and even their physical health. So many, many women, the majority are doing things to up level their health around the same time, as they’re noticing these menopausal symptoms and this menopause transition, but in general, women feel very positive about menopause.

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