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Menopause – Medical Management

November 10, 2020


So what is menopausal hormone therapy? Menopausal hormone therapy is usually estrogen and progesterone and it comes in many forms. So you can get estrogen and progesterone in a pill in a transdermal patch, and estrogen can come in a gel application, whereas progesterone or progestin has to come either in a pill or combined with estrogen in a patch. There are no cream or gel applications of progesterone currently on the market that are strong enough and bioavailable enough to do the job that is required, which is to protect the uterus from precancer or cancer that could be caused if you’re on estrogen alone. So just to recap, estrogen and progesterone in a pill, estrogen and progesterone in a transdermal patch, estrogen in a gel or cream application and progesterone or progestin needs to be taken either in a pill or transdermal patch.

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