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Menopause – Overview



Menopause can be a very controversial topic. For some women, they hate the symptoms that it causes, while other women love it, or at least appreciate it. Why is that? Menopause means you’ve reached the time where you’re no longer bleeding once a month. Clinically it’s defined as not having a period for at least a year. No more pads, no more pain, no more mood swings… For some women, they say “Bring it on!” The first step to menopause is called pre-menopause. It starts anywhere between ages 45 to 55. And it happens when the estrogen production is reduced. This can cause all kinds of things to happen. For example, longer periods, shorter periods, reduced bleeding or heavier bleeding. After you pass through this trying time and you can be certain that you no longer have a period, congratulations! You’ve reached menopause.

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