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Menorrhagia – Insurance

December 20, 2020


“In regards to insurance and how that works, most birth control is covered by insurance. However, if you do one of the LARCs or long-term acting types of birth control, Nexplanon or IUD in particular, and sometimes depo Provera as well, you have to get a prior authorization from your insurance, meaning we have to be able to approve it from your insurance. And most of them, they do approve it, but we had to have the time span to do so. So that may take about a week or two. And so you may have to reschedule to get that placement. And regardless to an ablation, you oftentimes, again, have to get an authorization for that. And the insurance companies now typically require an endometrial biopsy and an ultrasound and a three month trial of some form of birth control. Unless you have some condition that prevents you from having to take birth control.

I already had a very bad experience from birth control in the past, and in regards to a hysterectomy again, that has to be authorized. And so we have to go through your insurance company to get that approved as well. And depending on the indications mentioned by your provider, your insurance company may or may not approve it. And if you have a secondary insurance, sometimes one will approve and the other will not. So those things are some things that we run across, but oftentimes before your surgery is performed, we know the answer. If you have any issues with your insurance company,”

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