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Menorrhagia – Introduction

December 20, 2020


Hello. My name is Dr. Gayle A Dean, MD, FACOG. So, I am originally from Toledo, Ohio, and I went to medical school at the University of Cincinnati. And I did my residency at St. Louis University. I practiced in Columbus, Ohio, and a suburb of Columbus or a small town outside of Columbus called Chillicothe, for a little while. And then I came here to Tucson. I’ve been here for about seven years, and currently I am a practicing shareholder of Genesis, OB GYN, and actually the actual group that I’m in is called Crossroads. And I also am the department chair at Tucson medical center for obstetrics and gynecology. The long name that I gave for myself, the FACOG stands for fellow of American college, college of obstetrics and gynecology. That means that I’m board certified.

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