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Menorrhagia – Lifestyle Effects

December 20, 2020


So some women are in situations where in their work environment, they have a limited amount of time that they can take breaks. One break every four hours or eight hours. And if you’re having menstrual cycles that you’re having to change your protective wear every hour or two hours, that can cause a problem. And that would definitely affect your lifestyle because it’s jeopardizing your employment. And that is a concerning situation for some patients. So another thing that can happen affecting your lifestyle is if you’re bleeding heavy and it’s hot summer months, or you live in Tucson, Arizona, you want to go swimming. You may not be able to because you’re too uncomfortable and worried that you may cause an accident in the pool and everybody knows your business. So that’s another thing that you may want to seek intervention because you’re not able to enjoy, again, another thing that helps bring someone quality in their life.

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