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Menorrhagia – Polypectomy

December 20, 2020


In regards to the surgical options, most of them are performed on an outpatient basis. They could be performed sometimes in an office or in an outpatient setting at a hospital. For an endometrial polypectomy, which is removing a polyp that’s in the uterus that could be causing your bleeding. And a hysteroscopy is normally performed. Hysteroscopy is where we camera the specific design for the uterus. We go in through the vagina and we look inside of the uterus. Very commonly, you have anesthesia for this procedure, although it’s a very light sedation. The procedure itself is fairly short, maybe about 15 to 30 minutes. The camera allows us to see the actual polyp, and then we can remove the polyp. There are various modalities in removing the polyp, so it will be dependent on your provider to choose how they would want to remove it.

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