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Menorrhagia – Preparing For Your Appointment

December 20, 2020


What do you do in preparation for your appointment? First of all, you want to have a menstrual history, be aware of how your menstrual cycles are occurring. Are they occurring every month, several times a month? How many days are you bleeding? How, and when you, when you bleed, how often are you taking your pad? What symptoms you have, fatigue, lightheadedness, dizziness? Any medications that you are on, have you had any problems with bleeding at other conditions? Like when you get to go to the dentist, you bleed a lot from your gums, or do you have any issues where you’ve had problems with bleeding in the past? So really being prepared and, and knowing your menstrual history, as well as any medications you’re on and any other pre-existing conditions that you have. Like, if you know, you have a thyroid disorder, when the last time your thyroid was checked and things like that, those are important things to be prepared to bring at the appointment.

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