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Menorrhagia – Preventative Measures

Menorrhagia – Preventative Measures

Menorrhagia – Preventative Measures

So in regards to preventative measures, really unfortunately there is not a lot that you can do to prevent menorrhagia. It is just something that you happen to be graced with, you know, wearing with a smile. And we always try to do something that we can have yourself, see a provider so that maybe you can be helped. In regards to some non-medication things, you can try to decrease your stress, try to have a well-balanced diet, trying to exercise regularly to help decrease obesity, which sometimes that can lead to some menstrual changes, and just making sure you're staying on top of your health, making sure your thyroid is okay and things like that. But some things you just can't prevent. And that's one of the things that there's not a lot you can do to prevent, getting menorrhagia. It's something that you get, but then we try to do something to help make you feel better.

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